You've been drinking like the world was gonna end

I knew Jelena was still on, Justin really posted that picture with that caption omg I am dying hold up omg asdfghj

Is aria or Paige on the a team? I have a feeling aria does have something to do with it and so does Paige.

Aria isn’t on the A team, if she was she wouldn’t hadn’t gotten upset when she found out Ezra was A. If she was on the A team she would have known all along. 

Paige isn’t on the A team because she slid a piece of paper with the direction to where Alison is inside of a cop car, if she was on the A team she would have gone out and found her herself. 

The gif set of aria saying she's pregnant? That never really happened? I'm so confused.

haha no, it was just me having a little fun on photoshop. 

Aria finds out she’s pregnant and confesses to Ezra who doesn’t seem to be taking things as lightly as she is.